Monday, February 8, 2010

Up In the Air

As you read this do me a favor, hit this big BUTTON and listen to this in a new tab as you read this joint.
The first time I saw the trailer for this film it gave me goosebumps.  The dialogue that they were willing to give up and the shots paired to it had me wondering what this film had left. Not only did it have some seasoned greats, Mr. Clooney, Danny McBride and the hot-cross buns of Vera Farmiga, but Jason Reitman also directed Juno and Thank You for Smoking.  Thank You for Smoking is a great film in itself so as I heard more and more hype over Up in the Air I figured it was well placed.  Well to be honest, the only reason that I find all this hype over Up in the Air and we didn't hear any nominations for Smoking is the Cloone-miester.  In fact I will compare films here, throw them up head to head, Smoking was the better more original film.
Both films have great, witty scripts, with perfectly timed cuts and pacing and great front men.  Air however lacked the story that I thought it's predecessor contained.
It's greatest flaw was its story arch, they paint these great relationships between all of the main players, but they fail to bring it together in good fashion by the end.  After the first hour and a half your wondering when things are going to cease to be so hunky-doree.  You can feel it under your skin and then wham-bam thank-you ma'am the climax happens and the film ends.  There's no build up and no last supper moments leaving one feeling like they just went on a date with great food, conversation and drinks, but the the night cap resulted in 12 seconds of sweaty motions between the sheets leaving only one person happy with the finish.
As much beef as I had with this lacking story arch I have to say the shots were great and so were the cuts between them.  The ariel cinematography even made parts of the US such as Nebraska (super flat and smells like cat food) look intriguing and beautiful.  On top of the visual stimulation, this film had a whomping soundtrack.  Actually whomping doesn't do it a justice, just listen to it, NOW!
I will confess I did not watch this in the theatre but was able to watch an early release of a friends copy they received through SAG *coughs and polishes nails on shirt collar*.  Would I pay for the theatre though, yes, I do support this film and what it has to offer.  Do I think it deserves the Oscar, nah probably not, there are better films (that doesn't mean AVATAR, back off jackals).  Ok it's late, and this blogger needs to get to bed before the sun comes up, see you cool cats on the other-side.

Bananas-meter: 8.3/10 Bananas

Oh and Sam Elliot is in this film, and yes, the dude does abide.

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