Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

As I write my next installment I want to try to take you to where I am. Its very dark, with lots of loud noises, accompanied by bright strobes of lights and guttural bass coursing through my body. It seems as if everything is awry and nothing is going to according to plan, chaos is afoot. I will give you three guesses on where I am.

No, not in the guy's bathroom of a Chi-Chi's restaurant on All-you-can eat Taco Tuesdays.

False, not starting the REVOLUTION!

Wrong, not watching Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Well, good try everyone. Actually I am sitting through one hell of a thunderstorm. Which unlike your third guess, is actually pretty wicked. Also might I mention that this thunderstorm is free and I get to watch it from my LoveSac. So with that out of the way...
Ok so yeah, I saw Trans 2 awhile ago. I know, I know. But just like an evil villain can't get away in the end of most action films (which my life is) neither can Michael Bay. It's time to pay the piper Mr. Bay, and here I come.

Yes, a thunderstorm is taking place outside of my apartment.

Yes, the thunderstorm is free.

Yes, I would have rather paid 21 dolla dolla bills for the thunderstorm and gotten more excitement, loud noises, and explosions than Transformers 2 in IMAX.

This post is actually quite old so I am going to wrap it up quickly here, get it in the bag. Things you should know about Transformers 2. This film does have a reason for existing, I will defend it in one sense. The CGI and Digital Effects in this film alone have helped to push the industry along to amazing heights. Yes although the story is awful (Egypt and the pyramids and primitive cromagnon-man overthrowing powerful robots) and horrible acting (No Megan Fox's bust size does not save the words that come out of her mouth), ahem, the Special Effects and digital FX that go into this film still give me goosebumps. So thank you Michael for making yet another money pit of a film, but in all seriousness, thanks for helping the next good film in need of amazing digital FX to have the access to them thanks to your raucous budget.

Banana-meter: 3.2/10 Bananas

Monday, August 17, 2009

35mm to 1080p

In the next few months something incredible is going to happen. No not the end of the recession and definitely not the Bucs winning the World Series. What Chaps could it possibly be? Well, simple, the film world is going to explode. And it is all thanks to this, the Red Scarlet. With the release of this camera the digital phase will finally catch up to film, and for the price half that of current HD cameras. So with this concept of change at the doorstep, it was time for me to look at myself and the changes I needed to make. I realized after some helpful insight from a good friend of mine that sometimes you need to keep on going no matter what hits you take or changes are taking place, and thanks to this advice, I am fine today. I also looked at my blog, myself, other blogs, and my lack of motivation. Sure I have been seeing some excellent films and some horrific ones, but one this the same no matter what I watch, I give the same reviews. Well Not exactly the same reviews, but they are all the same layout/form/fashion/dudes.
So after this moment of zen I decided that its time to switch, make the move into something a little more free form, not reinvent the idea of film, but just change the format, so here it is, blog 2.0, or maybe 3K.
But whatever you all do, don't call it a comeback.