Friday, February 5, 2010


Yeah yeah, I know this isn't a recent theatrical release, in fact this film is from 2006 so its not even new.  However, as much as I couldn't let that rotting pile of celluloid Smokin' Aces 2 get away with being watched, I can't let you folks live your lives without at-least checking out this film, Cashback.
Sometimes you throw on a movie you have never seen, for reasons no greater than it just looks good from the cover.  This films face had some of those goofy vines on it surrounding text talking about some silly festival it won and a half naked woman, copy my attention.
Since the film was on Netflix it was really a no lose situation here: 
A.) It's not bad and I watch it without having to spend a dime.  
B.) I hate it and turn it off and play video-games.
C.) I fall asleep.
What I hadn't counted on was D.) I love the film, and it does that thing I think all great films do, change your life in the just the tiniest way.
Within the first 5 minutes of this movie I knew something great was about to be dished out, and I was hungry.  This film is like eating KFC on the worlds most exquisite china dinner set. The film has rough moments and overtones, but these are all overshadowed by a base of elegance.  Everything about this film comes off smooth, the acting, the plot, the shots and the editing.  Even the soundtrack is a solid piece of work.
The other day I was talking with a close friend of mine about connecting with characters in films and finding myself at a loss, I really couldn't find a character where I felt myself fully wrapped up in.  That was before I heard Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) talk about things he loves.  I can dig where this guy is coming from both in the way he lives his life and the things he finds within his reality.  Now I am not saying I am this guy, thats right all you twihards stay back, just because you think you're Bella doesn't mean you are, it means you're crazzzzzzzzzzzy.  All I mean by this is I really felt where this dude (yes he is just a written character) was coming from, and it was cool.
This is also beautifully shot, did I mention that?  Yes, well thats fine, they did a great job of making this film look grim and dull when it needed to and brought it up to fantasy level when it was ready.  The cuts and editing were spot on too, perfect timing to leave you just the right amount of time to absorb what was taking place and then make moves onto the next moment.
The acting all around was superb and I think the casting director deserves a high-five.  The actors know their roles and seems to stick to their guns throughout the film, not stepping out of line like some people.  Being a "romantic comedy" (although I disagree with this genre pick) it is often easy to fill films with cheese lines, cheese moments and cheese actors *Enter Bullock as her blackberry gets taken by an eagle*.  Cashback keeps the chedda to itself and keeps it real throughout.  All this keeping it real has a good deal to do with great direction by Sean Ellis, the guy is killin' it.  Ellis knew what he wanted, you can tell, and he got it.  A fun fact!!!! Cashback is a remake of a short film he made back in 2004.  Ah the glory of being able to go back and visit an old friend and make a beautiful relationship bloom later on.
Anywho lets close this shop up, because this boy-oh needs to get some time outside today.   Do whatever you can to see this film in my opinion.  It's on Netflix instant watch so if you have your Netflix set up I suggest you go on it sometime this weekend and enjoy yourself for two hours.  I started watching this film with an good day ahead of me, and ended it knowing I would have a great day.  NOW THATS WHAT I CALL CINEMA!  Lator gaters.

Banana-meter: 9.4/10 Bananas*

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  1. This caught my eye on Netflix too... I will have to give it a view.