Monday, June 1, 2009

When the well runs dry...

These past two weeks have been quite dismal as far as film releases go and since nothing have coaxed me out to the box office I have had to rely on our good friend the DVD. Yes you know that disc that contains the image file of the movies which you download off of your torrent, remember those dinosaurs, I barely do.
Last week I was blessed to hang out with a good friend of mine on the longest of islands while partaking in some wakeboarding and rich living during a visit to New York. On a rainy down day we were able to catch some time indoors, the perfect time for a little cinema. Thankfully the little cinema included a 47 inch HD 1080p Plasma with a PS3 Blu Ray player and Bose Surround sound. If you can't make it to the theatre to see a film, make it to Durso's house.
To my amazement and surprise Durso had in his possession a copy of Sunshine on Blu Ray disc. Many of you are probably making cartoon "?" in your minds right now, which is good, because this is a true sleeper film to me. Beautiful cinematography, excellent acting, spot on soundtrack and superb direction. Not to mention a great story line. Sunshine released but not to great accord and thus has fallen to the back of other great blockbusters of that year. If you are a fan of great cinema though, please do yourself a favor and rent/buy this film, you will not regret it.
Banan-a-meter: 9.6/10 Bananas
After my stint in NY I traveled back to the happiest of valleys. To no avail, yet again nothing worth noting was released so I reverted back to the couch. After talking up a little documentary about a great feat that I had the pleasure of viewing several months ago, my tastes were finally put to the test.
I sat down for the second time and watched perhaps one of the best documentaries of our time, a fairy tale played out in real life and on a wire in, Man On Wire. To this day this film gives me goosebumps and brings my face to a perma-grin* (copyrighted ABL). Movies should be something that moves you, and makes you feel, this film does that in so many motions that it is almost hard to sit still at times. If you are having a down day, a day that you feel like you are stuck, then rent this. If you are having an excellent day, and nothing could be better, buy this. Watch this film in whatever way possible, period.
Banan-a-meter: 9.8/10 Bananas
I would write reviews on both of these movies, but alas that would be breaking away from my true purpose as a blogger of new releases so I will just tell you that it would be a mistake to not grace your minds and eyes with these films. So until my next screening (hopefully The Hangover release later this week) I will be posting then. Peace out cub scouts.

P.S. this blogger is officially interning in NYC and making moves to the land of Limited releases and Indie Films, so expect things to get a little more outside of the screening room.

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