Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Of Eli

This is my first post-avatar film.  Is it even worth it to see movies that James Cameron hasn't worked on?  Yes.  Was Book of Eli worth it?  Newp.  In fact if you live anywhere else outside of fairy-tale lands where films are only 6 bones to go see, then I wouldn't suggest dropping the cheddar to see this cheese.
The plot was kind of like most high school relationships, you're content and somewhat comfortable thanks to a slow and steady pace until for some reason the end is near and you make some rash decisions on prom night that leave at-least you (in this case its a room full of theatre goers) quite confused.
Although the cinematography was great at points, you can kill yourself softly with stylization.  The CGI clouds moving overhead and the slow-mo cuts tend to get a bit heavy after the first 20 minutes, leading me to find my slushy more interesting then what was happening on the screen.  After getting to the ending the stylization made more sense, but I think that it was quite of a stretch.  If you are going to use your shots to help hint at what is really going on, you need more than what this film hands out.
The sound design was pretty solid, they did an excellent job at hitting the beats, which to me helps immensely in films that lack tension in their shooting style.  Earbuds off to you maestro of the soundboard.
As for the script, this film really lacked dialogue, as most post apocalyptic films normally do, which is fine.  This leaves much more room for the actors to make their own decisions and act outside the bun(sorry couldn't help myself, oh heres something cute and Taco Bell related too).  Denzel does a generally good job at being the soft-spoken savior and Mila Kunis does a great job of looking attractive.  I have to say this here, it's really hard to break from earlier characters, just ask Keanu, and as for Mila she still has a ways to go before she breaks away from "Jackie."  However Gary Oldman does yet another stellar job, tricking the audience into liking and then disliking his character several times, talk about a flop.
I would love to tell you about the ending, but I refuse to be that guy; no matter how badly I want to be.  Oh and the "book," don't even get me started on what book everyone wants to possess, its not "Clifford the Big Red Dog," but it might as well be.
Overall it was worth it for a Sunday movie outing with a couple of my buds.  Also going to this movie on Sunday made up for me not going to church, if you see it you will understand, remember I am not being that guy.  If its cheap/free/rentable then I would think of checking it out, it has some good spots, but not enough to spend more than the price of a slushy on.  By the way slushys are 6.50 at the theater and much cheaper at 7-11, so stop reading and get to 7-11!

Banana-meter:  7.3/10 Bananas

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