Monday, December 14, 2009

The Beginning

Yeah so I have been doing a pretty bad job at blogging. I know I know, a 'pretty bad job' is an understatement. Yes lots of movies have come out, and just because I haven't been blogging, does not mean I have been avoiding the silver screen, in fact I have seen several films during my hiatus. Now your probably wondering why "the incident" of my long term step away from blogging. Well its quite the mix drink of excuses: 1 part laziness, 2 spoonfuls of distractions poured over an ice cold job of PA work, shake and pour.

No I am not writing this as a resignation speech, I left that in my other pants and they went through the wash, so that's out. This is also not a comeback spiel, those are over-rated and I am pretty sure Brett Favre ate all of those up this year. Nah folks, this is just me letting everyone know that I am still breathing, and yes still sipping down red ICEEs while letting my mind melt into the big screen.
Ok enough of the sappy stuff, back to business. The other night as I waited freezing on a street corner in my beloved new home of New York City, it finally hit me that winter was fast approaching from the west, on cold fronts filled with the white stuff. With the arrival of snow soon, my oldest friend returns, skiing, and there is no better way to prepare for ski season than by watching some excellent ski/snowboard films.
I owe a lot to the ski film industry, the first time I ever threw in Match Stick Productions: High Society was the budding of the my need to put images on celluloid. The first films I ever made were ski films, the first time I ever had an audience was a ski film. So it's time to pay some respect to my beginnings as I come off my first Hollywood film.
Most people know about Warren Miller, the pioneer of the snow sports film, but I got started with MSP, and new school skiing. So that is why I suggest you all to check out "Refresh" from Level 1.
Refresh starts at the beginning of the Freestyle/newschool movement, the one that got me moving. It helps to show how much the sport has progressed, and how far we have come with the ways it is shot. Also, the soundtrack is nasty and the tricks are pretty rad too.
Snow snow snow, its sooooooo dope.

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